We're back from the lab with a Trutankless for everyone. Introducing GEN3

We are thrilled to be returning the premier residential electric tankless brand to market with the launch of the Trutankless GEN3.

The Return Of The King.

Engineered, tested and built right here in the USA.

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"We’ve been extremely impressed with the quality engineering and innovation in the Trutankless product line."

Rod Cullum

Founder, Cullum Homes

"Of all the tankless water heaters I've used, Trutankless is in a league of it's own. I run multiple showers or sinks, laundry, etc. with no problem. From build quality to performance, this is the one you want."

C. Roussel

Scottsdale, Arizona

"Installation is so simple and straight forward. Of all the tankless types we have installed this was by far the best and easy-to-use."

R&C Plumbing

Phoenix, Arizona

"Six years ago, I switched to a Trutankless and couldn’t be happier with that decision. The best hot water system that I've ever owned, and my electric bill savings are substantial."

M. McGrath

Boca Raton, Florida

"As a plumber from Europe, I have worked with tankless more than most in this country. I can say that after installing Trutankless and operating it, I was so impressed with it's superior quality and performance that I installed one in my own home."

Lulzim Marku

Houzz.com Review

"We have installed 20+ units on our renovations and have yet to receive a call back or even a complaint. That says it all. We will not use any other brand."

Cooke Construction, Inc.

Houzz.com Review

Discover the benefits of going tankless.

Trutankless leads the way in advancing the electric tankless industry, eliminating previous deficiencies through thoughtful engineering and modern technology.

A better mousetrap indeed.

GEN3 Perspective Pose


Never run out of hot water again.

Holiday house guests? Your last shower will be as hot as the first with the Trutankless GEN3. When sized appropriately, GEN3 makes waiting for your tank to catch up a thing of the past.


Conserve energy while saving money.

Unlike inefficient tank water heaters which use power intermittently 24/7, GEN3 only uses power when you ask for hot water, reducing your energy consumption and utility bill by up to twenty percent!We call that a win/win.


A Trutankless for any size family or home.

The Trutankless GEN3 is a one-size-fits-all unit with 4 power settings to choose from during installation. From a guest house casita to a full size family home, GEN3 can be installed to accommodate.

Are you a baller with a mansion? No problemo, buy two and run them in series.


Premium performance at a reasonable price

Engineering and technology have eliminated many of the hurdles facing electric tankless in the past as a whole home solution. GEN3 clears that gap, providing long term savings with a reasonable up front cost.

Because we knew you'd ask.

When will the GEN3 be available?

We began accepting orders from our wholesale partners on February 29th, 2024. After an unavoidable delay, our latest updated timeline targets the beginning in June for production to begin.

I want need this. How much is it?

The GEN3 will have a modest price increase from our previous model, but the not-so-modest component upgrades are well worth it.

Where can I get one?

Our "Find an Installer" tool is a great place to start and will be rolling out as a site update shortly. All installers you'll find there are licensed professionals, trained and experienced with Trutankless. Already have a plumber? That's fine too, and we're always happy to assist!

Can I install a Trutankless myself?

Sorry DIY guys, professional installation required.

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